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Thank you so much, for looking at it and answering all my questions. I could say something about my subjects: Maths, Biology , Chemistry and Physics (probably why I chose them). Do you have any tips on changing the first paragraph? I want the content to be the same but I agree the style is too informal.

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Improving my chances applying for English Literature

Q: I'm thinking of applying to read English Literature at Sheffield University. I've been to an open day today and completely fallen in love with the place. The only problem is, I'm told that the course is really competitive, and I'm worried that I don't have a chance. I received an A and two Bs at AS (the A in English Lit), and I'm confident that I can pull up the Bs to As. I've also heard that you have to submit an essay to get on the course, which is something I'm worried about. Could you please give me some advice as to anything I could do to further my chances of getting on the course? I really want to go there above everywhere else, and any advice you could give me would be fantastic. Thanks in advance, Lucy
Answer: Sheffield is indeed one of the elite universities for English Literature.

Your AS grade in English is a definite bonus, since it is your chosen subject at degree level. Any particularly high marks on any of the three AS modules shoulds be highlighted in your Personal Statement.

You don't have to quote the two B grades in your other subjects on the UCAS form (though they are scarcely poor grades!). My strong advice is to retake the weakest modules (in January?) if your school permits this, with a view to collecting an AS A grade in at least one of these subjects - and, of course, a higher UMS score goes into your eventual A level total.

The Sheffield conditional offer is normally AAB. Discuss NOW with your referee at scholl, and ensure she/he predicts you AAA at A level!

You are right about the esay - again, discuss soon with the relevant teacher(s). Select an area that really interests you - and one you have already covered in your course. If possible, be slightly provocative and unusual in your assessment/evaluation/interptretation of the novel or poem or whatever - if you pick a play or novel (good idea) focus strongly on author's developmnt of plot or characters.

Good luck -- I hope this is helpful.

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