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UCAS Questions & Answers

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Architecture course advice

Q: i would like to apply to the architecture course at university college london, however i only have art to as level, which i got a c in. my other subjects (business studies, english language & literature, and law) are predicted BAA. i was wondering what i can include in my personal statement to communicate the extent to which i am intersted in an architectue course. without drawing attention to the fact thet i do not have a level art. i enjoy watching television programs on archtecturally based subjects,taking photgraphs of urban settings (buildings etc) and i do a lot of art in my free time. what would you suggest i include in my personal statement to have a chance of being considered for this architecture course?
Answer: As I'm sure you know Architecture is a very competitive subject. Most applicants are studying A Level Art, and many also study Mathematics, which is a requirement at A Level for a number of courses, though not at UCL.

The 'standard' offer at UCL is BBB, with a pass at AS level in a fourth subject also required. They also require a portfolio of Art work, as do most other institutions.

Remember that you can select up to six universities on your form, so you need to produce a spread of universities, with a variety of offers. You also need to look closely at what exactly you want to read - in addition to Architecture, there are also lots of courses in Architectural Studies, as well as more specialised courses in, for example, Interior, Landscape, Naval, Systems and Computer Architecture. So plenty of course research is needed.

Your A Level predictions are, fortunately, high - and I trust that you have already achieved high AS results in these subjects. If, as I assume, this is the case, it is important that the person who writes your UCAS reference stresses your academic achievements.

I cannot pretend that you are at an advantage through not continuing with your study of Art; moreover, if you have certificated your AS Art, the result has to be entered on your UCAS form. So you are going to have to write a great deal about your own private work in Art in rder to whet the ppetite about the portfolio you will have to provide. You need to be very specific and wideranging, identifying in the process influences on your own work, and talking about various techniques.

You will also need to get across a passion for architecture. So you need to provide a very great deal of information about the buildings and structures you like, AND WHAT IT IS ABOUT EACH OF THEM THAT PARTICULARLY APPEALS. Go in for contrasting styles and periods; if you are into hotography or design, mention these too. I assume you have attended Open Days or taster courses - bring these in, and spell out exactly what you learned.

I hope these ideas are helpful. I am of course happy to look at a draft Statement if you choose to submit one.

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