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UCAS Personal Statements Questions & Answers

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Scholarship application essay

Sat Mar 7, 09

I've already been accepted to City University but now I am applying for a scholorship and I have an essay to write. The assignment reads as follows:

Please give an example of an academic achievement that demonstrates you merit the award of a scholarship.

I would like to know what subject areas i could explore - could i talk of a lifetime achievement which shows that I deserve a scholarship?

Thanking you in advance for taking time to answer my query.

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Should I mention that I am a parent?

Fri Oct 3, 08

I'm trying to apply for a social work degree and have well above all the grades I need for this but I have a 2 year old child I have done my personal statement and think it will ve good enough but my tutor has said I shouldn't mention about my son and I don't know what to do, I dont want to lie and be caught out also i dont have many hobbies or anything because I have my son. Should I mention him or not?

also do you introduce yourself when you start your personal statement
thank you

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Fashion personal statements

Thu Oct 2, 08

do you have any examples of fashion personal statements?

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UCAS Application 2009

Thu Oct 2, 08

Dear Sir or Madam

I seek your advice on the prospects of my application. I have 3 B's in maths bio and ict. I recieved offers from UCL LSE SOAS QM at 2008 entry for geography and economics. But i failed to meet the grades. I did Biology A level in one year. Now i propose to take Economcis and Geography at A level in this year whilst also improving the 3 b's to A's and will be reapplying for 09 entry. I am technically doing 3 A levels over two years but none the less will be doing A levels over three years. Will i seriously disasvantaged i am self studying geography and attending a college for Economics A level.

Kind Regards

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Will I have a chance getting into LSE or Oxford?

Tue Sep 30, 08

Hi, I am in the process of doing my UCAS form, and I just wanted to ask whether I have a chance of getting into LSE or Oxford for Economics?
My GCSES: 7 A*, 4A
AS levels: Maths-A
English Lit-A
Economics- A
French- C

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Manchester pharmacy application advice

Sun Sep 28, 08

hi, i will be applying to university this year and i have attained 2B and 1C in my Alevels (A2). i will be applying for pharmacy at manchester and john moores university. i beleive with these grades i have a little chance of getting in manchester. what i should do ensure that i do get in manchester.also, what do you think what are my chances?


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UCAS Enquiry

Fri Sep 19, 08

Dear Sir or Madam
I am a year 13 student and currently finalising my personal statement for the UCAS application process. I am considering studying History and Politics but would like to apply for Law and Anthropology at LSE as well. I have been informed that I can only submit one personal statement via UCAS and wanted to know if I could post a personal statement for Law and Anthropology directly to LSE separately for their consideration. Just that I am predicted ABB for now and History and Politics at LSE is asking for AAB whereas Law and Anthropology is looking for ABB.


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A level subject choices and University

Sun Sep 14, 08

Hi etutor!

Thank you for replying on my last message (or question) (heres the link:

I am still an overseas student but will be a home student after 18 months. I followed your advice to me sir/madam and took A-level Maths, History, Economics (through Distance Learning), Psychology and AS Further Maths. I took Psychology because my dad told me it is important in a business-related careers(i.e. man handling, people's choices etc.). However, I found out that Psychology is in the List B on the Cambridge University's Acceptable A-level combination , meaning that this subject is 'limited suitability'. So my question is, can I still be accepted if I will apply to top universities with A-level Psychology (but I might not do this in A2)?

Also, about the AEAs, is it true that the government/education authority will abolish it?

Moreover, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to This is because you helped me to surpassed my GCSE predicted grades especially in English. I got 3 A* and 6 A. I wasn't expecting this result for the fact that I was predicted with 3 A* 2 A 2 C 2 D (english and literature). In connection to this, do I stand a chance of getting in at top universities like oxbridge, LSE? with a 3 A* and 6 A GCSE grades? I did GCSE for a year and English is my second language.

Thank you very much!

More powers!

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Economics at top Universities

Wed Aug 27, 08

I recieved very disappointing AS results:
I want to apply to top unis such as Warwick, UCL for economics. I am planning to decline my grades for Physics (not certificated yet) and do some retakes. Will unis see this and think the worst automatically? Also, what are my chances?

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Business UCAS Personal Statement advice

Thu Aug 21, 08

Hi, i need to know if this is an effective start to an introduction for a business personal statement.

To me, the subject i wish to pursue a career in has always been business studies. There was no certain experience that encouraged me to take this path, i have just continuously been fascinated by the subject. At a very young age i was exposed to business life and entrepreneurialship as my father owned various small businesses. This opened mind to......
At aged 13 my family and i moved to india where my interest in business studies grew. I was in a continuously expending economy......

Please help!!!

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