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  11 Law UCAS Personal Statement Examples
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Personal Statement, applying for law!

Your enthusiasm certainly comes across, though it is odd that the draft contains no reference to any of the 'wider reading' in the law that you mention in the first paragraph.

Overall, the draft was too long, and so I have pruned it, eliminating any superfluous phrases, and the occasional sentence. In off places it sounded rather smug as well, and so you will find that I have altered some of the language used.

I hope you like the revised draft, and good luck with your application. I assume that you are applying to some of the lower grade universities, since all of those that ask for AAA or AAB had an advisory closing date of 15th October.

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Personal Statement-Law

There is some good material here, but overall it is rather long, and in places repetitive. I have therefore gone in for a lot pf pruning, in the process rewriting many of your sentences, without any loss of significant content. This now leaves you room to add two absolutely critical sentences after the section on work experience, outlining exactly which 'aspects' of law have particularly excited you.

I hope you like the revised version. Good luck with your application (which, in Law, should go in asap).
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UCAS Law Personal Statement advice, proof read, comments


A solid and convincing statement but some amendments needed – see below.


1. I am currently studying Psychology at Eggbuckland Community College at A2 level which I believe to be relevant to the study of law. [‘Eggbuckland Community College at A2 level – unnecessary detail]

2. anti social behaviour [anti-social behaviour]

3. their behaviours and [behaviour]

4. psychology [when referring to the subject give it a capital P]

5. is religious studies [Religious Studies]

6. at which I was permitted to [where I was permitted]

7. I have seen many of my dad’s clients come [father’s clients]

8. my grandma [grandmother]

9. I also gain enjoyment from computers. I am proficient with computers and can not only use software for computers, but also can repair and build computers. [needs to be crisper – repetition of ‘computers’]

10. Needs a concluding statement.

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UCAS personal statement for law

This is a fluent, wide-ranging and convincing personal statement. You succeed in getting something of your personality across, including your enthusiasm for law and why you want to study it.

1. ‘Eve was framed’ [‘Eve was Framed’]

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Economics and Law Personal statement

This is very badly unbalanced, with scarcely any specific reference to either Law or Economics beyond a courtroom visit and attendance at seminars. I have made huge cuts elsewhere (and revision of wording) to provide the space for you to give specific details of your interests in Law (books read, cases that have interested you) and in Economics (topics, seminar subjects). This is absolutely vital for such a competitive degree course. Do send a revised draft for comment when you have done this.
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UCAS PS, significantly different based on comments regarding last piece

You are nearly there - especially after my further changes, designed to improve the language and to shorten it. Don't keep adding bits! A very good 1st paragraph now - though there is STILL nothing SPECIFIC about the topics on offer at the Summer School. Do rectify this.
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For entry into Law school

One of the most fascinating PSs I have ever read! You certainly have a way with words, and I can see why Law is your intended destination. Unfortunately your PS is far too long, and I have done a lot of pruning - more yet might be necessary. In particular, I have deleted all the more flowery phrases, since you would run a severe risk of being seen as pretentious. But much of it is quite beautifully written, and I hope you recognise that I have not altered any of your more telling ideas or phrases. The first paragraph (now amended) is, in particular, really impressive.
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Ucas personal statement for law- reworked again

I have gone in for a great deal of rewriting and pruning here - there is too much on extra-curricular activities and nothing like enough on your interests in Law. You need therefore in the first paragraph to provide specific examples of the issues that interest you most in law - you could refer to recent cases or any books you have read, but must certainly bring up particular topics.
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reworked ucas statement for law

Plenty of revision here, I see, following earlier advice. It reads well. I have made a number of further textual changes. It should just fit - if not, you'll have to delete the list of plays! Revised version attached; good luck!
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Ucas Personal statement for Law

There is a lot to like about your draft, but I've had to shorten it, since otherwise it won't fit the available space. I've reworded a lot of it too, and - most important of all - toned down some of the self-assessment, which ran the risk of appearing too self-congratulatory! I hope you like it; file attached.
  11 Law UCAS Personal Statement Examples
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