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UCAS Personal Statements Questions & Answers

  153 UCAS answered questions
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writing a college scholarship personal statement

Wed Jan 26, 11

What is a creative way to begin my personal statement? I am a normal kid that has had a normal life with no drastic obstacles I've had to overcome.

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Thu Sep 9, 10


I would like to ask wheter I would have to mention a lot of books related to PPE in my PS?

Much appreciated.


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UCAS predicted grades

Sun Aug 29, 10

Hi. I would like to know how important it would be to have the predicted grades A*A*A* for UCAS to apply to medicine in cambridge. im an international applicant and applying as an individual. Will it be okay if my referee provides me with my predicted grades ? this is because im in a difficult situation whereby im not allowed to apply to UK universities. i hope someone will be able to shed some light on this. Thanks !

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Studying Performing Arts or Musical Theatre

Tue Oct 27, 09

Hi, I'm wondering if you can help me. I am in the process of writing my personal statement. I originally intented to apply for Performing Arts or Musical Theatre. I am overweight and since a lot of the Schools and Unis I was interested in ask for a full length photograph I think I may be immediately illiminated without the chance to audition.
I have attended a Saturday Theatre Arts School for the last 6 years. I have passed my Grade 6 Ballet exam and recently sat Standard 7. I am at present studying for Grade 6 Trinity singing exam and have passed with Merit Grade 5 ABRSM singing exam. I am about to take Grade 5 Theory on 11th November and will be taking ABRSM Grade 8 singing next year. I am also taking Grade 5 piano.
I also take Tap and Jazz dance classes. I do feel I have a good all round ability in the three disciplines of Song. Dance and Drama, but my appearance will create negativity.
I have taken part in annual productions with the Theatre school but they tend to be a mixture of the work that students have studies during the year. Since the student age ranges from 5 to 18, as you can imagine, they are generally an opportunity for children to show their friends and family members what they have been doing.
I have decide to now apply for drama or acting with performing arts or straight BA Acting.
With the exception of a Welsh S4C television program that I worked on as an extra, and GCSE and AS level Drama, I have very little experience of actual roles. I was however 1 of only 2 children chosen from my school to take part in this series. I am Welsh speaking.
How can I sell myself in a personal statement without such experience.
Would enthusiasm alone be enough?

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Applying through UCAS without predicted grade

Thu Oct 22, 09

Hey there,
I'm an IB Diploma programme student in my 2nd year from India, and I am applying through UCAS for the UK universities. I want to finish my application by the end of this month, but my school says they would provide the predicted grades by January.
Will my application will be affected if I apply based on my secondary school marks, or should I wait for the predicted grades?

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Real estate management

Mon Oct 19, 09

hi! how do i start my PS and what do i write about estate agency, im lost how to express myself when talking about this degree choice. :S

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Nursing Personal Statement advice

Thu Oct 15, 09

I am writing my nursing personal statement for nursing and i would like to emphasis that i have had a few years of looking for jobs but without giving them a wrong impression, also I have a learning difficulty should i mention this in my ps and ucas form?

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What admissions tutours looking for in a midwifery personal statement

Thu Oct 15, 09

I have completed my first draft of my personal statment to apply for midwifery at university but would like to know if there is anything in particular that should be included in it or that will impress admision tutors at the universities ?

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Is the PS service still running?

Wed Oct 7, 09

I am re-applying to university independently this year. I need help with writing my personal statement so i was wondering if the UCAS service is still running.

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Dentistry and pharmacy

Thu Sep 24, 09

Hi, my name is Michael Lau Yiung Shieng. I am from Malaysia. I am currently studying A levels in UK. I had problems writing the UCAS personal statement. I had chose Dentistry as my major choice and the fifth choice which is complusory not to be the same as the previous fourth choice. I choose pharmacy instead. Here comes the problem, how to write a personal statement which includes dentistry and pharmacy as well? How to link both subjects together? My tutor in my college says that if it is possible to add some critiria about pharmacy into my personal statement. I had written only about dentistry can someone please help me to edit my personal statement?

  153 UCAS answered questions
Showing 0 to 10

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