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Uploaded by fanagyei | Sep 19, 2008 | UCAS Personal Statements
fanagyei asks:

Dear Sir or Madam
I am a year 13 student and currently finalising my personal statement for the UCAS application process. I am considering studying History and Politics but would like to apply for Law and Anthropology at LSE as well. I have been informed that I can only submit one personal statement via UCAS and wanted to know if I could post a personal statement for Law and Anthropology directly to LSE separately for their consideration. Just that I am predicted ABB for now and History and Politics at LSE is asking for AAB whereas Law and Anthropology is looking for ABB.


etutor answers:

This is a familiar dilemma, and unfortunately there is no easy solution. Ultimately you will have to select a course, and then be consistent in your UCAS choices. If you want to study History and Politics, then to maximise your chances of receiving a conditional offer, this combination should appear in all five choices. The only exception is that you could put History alone or Politics alone down for one or more of them. The moment you introduce Law and Anthropology into the equation you reduce your prospects very significantly. This is because admissions selectors, particularly at top universities, will question your motivation - mixing up courses in this way makes you look indecisive. It is also impossible to write a convincing Personal Statement covering all four subjects. There is no provision for posting separate statements to LSE, I'm afraid; UCAS is quite clear about this, and anything you send will not be considered. You could take the risk of applying to LSE for both pairs of subjects, but it is not likely to meet with success, unless you are an overseas student and/or have a minimum of eight A or starred A grades at GCSE. Even then the chances of receiving an offer are not high; moreover, it is almost certain to be raised to AAA if they do decide to take a chance on you. LSE is simply one of the most competitive unversities for entry, and receives hundreds of top notch applications from candidates who are 100% clear about what they want to study. My advice, if you are predicted ABB and no higher, is to go for the ABB course, and to include one or more BBB/ABC offers in your five choices.

I hope this is helpful.

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