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UCAS predicted grades

Uploaded by qi yi | Aug 29, 2010 | UCAS Personal Statements
qi yi
qi yi asks:

Hi. I would like to know how important it would be to have the predicted grades A*A*A* for UCAS to apply to medicine in cambridge. im an international applicant and applying as an individual. Will it be okay if my referee provides me with my predicted grades ? this is because im in a difficult situation whereby im not allowed to apply to UK universities. i hope someone will be able to shed some light on this. Thanks !

etutor answers:

I'm not entirely clear why you are not allowed to apply to UK universities. If you are an overseas student, then you are perfectly able to apply, though you will of course have to pay the full overseas tuition fees, which approach £10,000 a year in Medicine. Your nominated referee will write a reference on your UCAS application form, and here he/she will include your A level grade predictions. I assume you will sit A levels next summer, and have already sat AS levels this summer. Your marks on each of the AS papers will be entered on the UCAS form, and these have a critical bearing on your prospects of receiving an offer. It is possible for a referee to predict three starred A grades at A level, though only if you have achieved outstanding resulrs at AS level.

Students wishing to study Medicine at Cambridge must obtain the following examination passes (or their equivalents from an approved examination board):
GCSE passes (or equivalent) at grades A, B or C in: Double Award Science and Mathematics (two single awards in GCSE Biology and Physics may be substituted for Double Award Science) are required. In general Cambridge Colleges are unlikely to treat favourably applicants with fewer than six starred A grades overall.

AS Level passes in three of the following: Biology/ Human Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Mathematics. One of the subjects must normally be Chemistry. A Level passes in at least two subjects (but see below). Psychology is not acceptable.

The typical A level offer is A*AA. No College as yet bases its offers on more than one starred A grade. There is now no leeway - even a slippage if one grade means that you are highly unlikely to be admitted. Most applicants for Medicine at Cambridge have at least three science/mathematics A levels. All Colleges will consider applicants offering two science/mathematics subjects at A level plus one or more non-science subject(s).

Applicants with two science/mathematics subjects are expected to have comparable ability with those who are taking three and will, wherever possible, be considered equally with them. In these circumstances the applicant will normally be expected to achieve the A* grade in one of the science/mathematics A level subjects and may be asked to take a third science/ mathematics subject to AS level.

The following Colleges prefer applicants to have three science/ mathematics subjects at A level:

Christ’s, Downing, Jesus, Magdalene, Newnham, Peterhouse, St John’s, Trinity.

All offers of a place on these courses for UK students is subject to Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) registration and a satisfactory enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau . You will be sent the relevant forms to complete if you are offered a place. From 2011 entry, where courses may involve regular access to children and/or vulnerable adults, students will be legally required to register with the Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS), which is administered by the Independent Safeguarding Authority. The University will send further instructions on registering with the VBS as part of the admissions process. Overseas students will be asked to provide similar evidence.

All applicants for Medicine (A100) are required to sit the written BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), after making their application, and before interview. The test is used to assess scientific aptitude and focuses on scientific abilities relevant to the study of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring they enter for the BMAT by 30 September. This means you must enter for the BMAT test before submitting your UCAS application by 15 October. Information about how to register for BMAT is available from the BMAT website.

The BMAT test will be on 3 November 2010.

I hope this is helpful.

1 student responses

qi yi
qi yi
Thank you for your help. I have not taken my AS yet. Will be taking both simultaneously as it is one of our college's requirements. Will i be able to apply without As grades?? thanks in advance !
responded Aug 30, 2010 3:39:59 PM BST
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