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Work experience and my Personal Statement

Uploaded by matt101 | Jun 16, 2008 | UCAS Personal Statements
matt101 asks:

Hello again,

i have previously sent a question discussing my elligability for medicine and my grades but now i would like to discuss some aspects of the personal statement, namely work experience.

Before i recieve my AS results i should have already: first aider with St johns ambulance, Volunteer at christies cancer hospital, volunteering at Stepping Hill, Work experience at Stepping Hill, im going to medlink ( that coourse in Nottingham), subscription to the SBMJ and various college titles such as on student council and been peer conselling trained. Am i lacking in anything? can you suggest anything else to make my application look more appealing? ( hopefully to cover my weak GCSEs! )

Thanks again ( and for your previous response! )


etutor answers:

I haven't really much to add to my earlier answer, which really covered everything.

As I said then, A grades in all the AS modules will cancel out the poorish GCSE results, and put you in the running. Of course you should mention the Medlink course, the voluntary work and the work experience in your Personal Statement, but the key issue is that you should arrange a long stretch (at least four weeks, and preferably during this summer) in a hospital or GP's surgery (and then another, preferably somewhere else) over the Easter holiday. Most top class applicants do exactly this. Naturally most of what you will do is shadowing, but it does advertise your commitment (especially the willingness to give up over half your summer holiday). It will also then enable you to explain what you saw and learned, how your experience differed from what you expected, how you came to recognise the importance of dedication, stamina and teamwork, and how it has all reinforced your determination to study Medicine and subsequently enter the profession.

I hope this helps. It will get over to you what a tough operation you are proposing to take on!

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