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Medicine and poor results

Uploaded by pandya | Aug 16, 2008 | UCAS Personal Statements
pandya asks:

I have recently obtained my results and i want to apply for medicine this year for 2009. however I got B B C D..I will be retaking but I am worried I will not even get through the application stage,

what should I do?

Thank you! =D

etutor answers:

I assume that you are referring to AS level results rather than A level? They are, I am afraid, a long way short of anything that a medical school or university department will consider. If they are AS grades then naturally you will be retaking modules - indeed, probably all of them. If, however, they are full A level results, then no medical institution will be interested in retakes, since you are unfortunately starting from such a low space, and all the results achieved to date have to be declared on the UCAS form. It pains me to say it, but realistically in these circumstances you will have to abandon Medicine ambitions and opt for other courses. If they are AS results, then you still have a small chance, though you will need an outstanding Personal Statement, full of details of your relevant work experience. Your referee will also need to be able to explain away these disappointing results and then confidently forecast A grades in all A level subjects. In any event, if you persist with applications for Medicine, you should ensure that at least two of your UCAS choices are for related subjects, such as pharmacy or pharmacology. Pure Biology would be still better, as the entry grades are generally significantly lower. You are absolutely right in thinking that all institutions screen the forms before inviting applicants for interview; in this highly competitive subject some 70 per cent of applicants are rejected at this stage. The only way to compensate for poor AS results is to have a string of A star grades (at least six) at GCSE, including all of Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. In addition, the odd place offers Medical Studies rather than pure Medicine, so you might profitably research this; grade requirements have in the past been somewhat lower. Take a look also at Trinity College, Dublin (outside UCAS), though only if your results were at AS level rather than A level.

I hope this is helpful, even though the news is inevitably not what you really want to receive. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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