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What admissions tutours looking for in a midwifery personal statement

Uploaded by alexrosemartin | Oct 15, 2009 | UCAS Personal Statements
alexrosemartin asks:

I have completed my first draft of my personal statment to apply for midwifery at university but would like to know if there is anything in particular that should be included in it or that will impress admision tutors at the universities ?

etutor answers:

A registered midwife is uniquely placed to support the needs of women and their families throughout the childbirth experience. You will need to be able to respond effectively and appropriately to the needs of women from conception right through to the postnatal period, adapting within a changing healthcare environment, and should be happy to work in a variety of community and hospital settings.
When selecting applicants a number of factors are taken into account. These include evidence of some understanding of the role of the midwife and the challenges that this involves. This can be gained in a range of ways, for example talking to friends, relatives, midwives, and through accessing Maternity/health focused websites. I suggest that you should also try to visit a local Maternity Unit or attend a Maternity open day, often organised by NHS Trusts Maternity Units. Actual experience within the maternity services is not required.

The personal statement is indeed very important and you must say why you want to become a midwife and demonstrate your commitment to and understanding of the profession. What you write must get across that you have a caring and committed attitude towards people, an insight into the nature and demands of Midwifery study and practice, and transferable skills and attributes.

More particularly, go through this short check list - ensure you have met the requirement and have avoided the traps!

Make sure you have a good understanding about the midwifery profession and what it entails. IIf you know anyone who is currently a midwife ask them about their role; what do they most enjoy about being a midwife? Are there particular parts of the jobs they find challenging? You could refer to one or more of these.

Sell yourself in your statement and don’t be shy, Show that you have done your homework. Saying ‘I have always wanted to be a midwife’ is unlikely to get you shortlisted as this is too broad a statement. Explain why you have chosen this course and how your qualities and skills make you suitable for it.

Don’t just say that you are good at something – explain what you do that shows this and how this will help you during your studies and in working life. Make sure any statement you make is backed up by evidence.

Remember to include information about yourself – what is it about you that stands out? Why is your personality suited to midwifery? Selectors are looking for more evidence than ‘I like caring for people’. What transferable skills have you got? Have you been a member of a team? What opportunities have you had to develop your communication skills?

Avoid straight lists of qualifications, jobs and interests – you need to link these to what you know about midwifery and identify how they will help you, both as a student and as a clinical midwife.

Applicants offered an interview generally have an introductory talk and an individual interview, with a panel that often consists of a member of staff and a practising midwife. In general they are looking for applicants who can:

  • Communicate clearly in spoken and written standard English
  • Convey enthusiasm about their chosen profession
  • Explain why they want to become a midwife and be able to explain and give evidence that they have some understanding of the role of the midwife
  • Show that they have an appropriate educational background

It is therefore vital that your Personal Statement effectively invites questions that you want to answer at interview!
I hope this is helpful. Good luck with your application!

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