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I would like thank Study Zones for helping me out with my Personal Statement, which I initially found difficult. However, the UCAS editing service was really helpful, and it really enhanced my original personal statement, and has given me a lot of confidence. Thank you very much!

Accounting and Finance Personal

Very useful suggestions thank you very much for your help its invaluable

Thank you StudyZones! My personel tutor was no help and this site is so quick it has really helped me get things going. Thanks Again.

Thanks for the advise, i have changed it accordingly. This helped a lot and i love what you are doing for students out there. Thanks

does work now !! slightly vague in areas does not go into much detail about his knowledge of the course 

Thank you. The statement does read better now that you have rephrased and amended it.

Thank you for helping me with my personal statement, this has helped me very much.

Thankyou so much!!! You have opened one's eyes a great deal :) Thanks again Regards, Hannah Tainton

I was so lost until you helped me. Thanks! Hannah.

Thanks a lot for correcting my personal statement, I really appreciate it!

Thanks StudyZones, the new version is great.

Thanks for your feedback and comments, I agree with all of it and am very grateful for your input and all your help. Cheers.

Thank you very much, I really like the new version and will definitely take on board your comments. Really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for spending so much time editing a perfecting my personal statement, I definitely like the new version.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help!

hi, am Namara. i just joined UCAS but am finding it hard to view any examples of personal statements as i am asked for a studyUCAS account. hw cn i get one. thx

I'm really really happy with my statement, thanks very much! I'm going to send it off now!

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Thank you very much for correcting my personal statement. Your feedback was very useful!

Thanks very much! This has been a great help!

Thank you so much for the help. My statement reads much more professionally and is now within word limits! I used your advice and added sentences where you suggested. I really appreciate the time you put aside to do this, thank you very very much! Sam

oh my god! thank you so much... i showed my family and they loved it now! Thank you soo much... ill send u another improved version hopefully soon! (this web site is GR8!) xXx Var$ha xXx

A confident individual with loads of bussiness expereince in varies feilds including microsoft and logistics. i would like to develop the knowledge in bussiness decisions and to use the study further down the line.

"rather smug" is the understatement of the century!

Many thanks, i like the feedback and what has been done with it! Thank you!

Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and correct it, it looks really good now, thanks to you!!

Type your response here!dfasdfasdf

Thanks for your comments and advice.

Thanks very much for your advice. I appreciate you taking time out to grade my statement and will submit my amended draft to you shortly. Many thanks Lesley

Type your response here!wd

Thanks alot...i really appreciate it....!!!!!

Thank you very, very, very much! It has helped me SO much! Without your help, my UCAS Personal Statement would have been extremely crappy! Thanks again!

Thank you so much, for looking at it and answering all my questions. I could say something about my subjects: Maths, Biology , Chemistry and Physics (probably why I chose them). Do you have any tips on changing the first paragraph? I want the content to be the same but I agree the style is too informal.

Thanks for getting my Personal Statement back to me so quickly, I really needed help on it. Your comments were very constuctive indeed! THANKS-A-LOT!

Thanks for all the advice! I really liked the changes you made! Really appreciate it! Cheers.

Thanks alot StudyZones, this means so much to me! Now I can apply knowing I've done my best. Thanks again!

Thank you for the feedback it has been really useful!

Thanks so much, you've really made my application much more persuasive!

I know this 'thank you' message comes a year late (eeek) but it's now or never. This evening just looking back on the several drafts of my Personal Statement online and the final version rendered to perfection with your help, I just want to say thank you ever so much for the invaluable advice and help on my personal statement last year, without it I very much doubt I would have been successfully accepted by all six choices, including the institution of my choice! Thank you.

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